European Claims Chamber is now M1 Legal

The European Claims Chamber has made unprecedented headway within the field of timeshare contract law. In order to support our ambitions to deliver greater breadth of legal services, we have adopted a new name and brand identity that places our clients as the priority.

We believed it was important to give our legal department a new name and brand identity so that we can elevate its presence as an authority from a legal perspective, and allow the team to promote themselves as a firm of lawyers with an extended scope of expertise.

Speaking about the launch of the newly rebranded legal team, Senior lawyer for M1 Legal, Patricia Criado Navas commented:

“This new brand identity will help reflect the value our firm is bringing to the legal industry. Although the name, look and even location of the team has changed, the fundamental people, practices and quality of our legal department remain unchanged as the basis on which we were built. Moreover, the latest developments strongly position us to continue to achieve more for you as our clients and our future as a business.”

Please note the contact details for M1 Legal: